Jailbreak PS3 : What to avoid and what to buy

All the Jailbreak dongle in the market is a USB plug and play solution , what you are concerned about is the ability to upgrade because you want the option to flash your Jailbreak with psgroove or new firmware . no one really expect the Chinese team to come out with their own upgrade codes. Unfortunately , most of the PS3 dongle in the market are cheap and not upgradable .

PS3Break :
An image speaks more than thousand words:

"white" version of PS3break you have a ATMEL chip that can be upgraded with FLIP and without any troubles or any additional soldering work (thank God!).

"pink" version of PS3break you have a PIC micro controller with a FAKE upgrade button and it can't be upgraded (yet or not) as easy as ATMEL's version, probably needs soldering work. Bottom line: you can't update your PIC at the moment, no matter what resellers or manufacturer are saying!

NOTE : The White version of PS3Break are totally sold out , do NOT buy PS3Break anymore .

PSJailbreak CLONE

Obviously it is not a ATMEL chip , it can't be upgrade either .


The chip is AVR at90usb162 , yep , It can be upgraded.

There is a new version of PS3Yes , I still don't know what chip it used , I am sure it belongs to AVR , which can be upgraded for sure .


I don't have a P3Free personally , but there is a section on PSX-SCENE sponsored by P3Free team on which you'll get the info that you can't update P3Free via USB.
At least you have to purchase a soldering kit and pic programmer for the update .

If anyone can provide the info of the original PS3KEY OR PSJAIBREAK , it would be appreciated.
This article is not fully completed, I'll update it when I got more info .

Overall : PS3YES is the best choice if you need a plug and play solution .

Where to buy PS3Yes : http://www.lightake.com/detail.do/sku.32477

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PSJailbreak claims to enable PS3 game backups

Since its release, the PS3 has put up a strong wall against hackers. The piracy problems that have plagued other systems -- including Sony's own PSP -- just haven't been an issue. Now a group purports to have designed a USB plug-and-play device that defeats Sony's copy protection.

The PSJailbreak device is intended not only to allow retail PS3 games (and not Blu-ray movies, DVD movies, or backward-compatible games) to be played from a hard drive, but can also block Sony's mandatory (and frequent) firmware updates, effectively protecting itself against obsolescence. For players with an interest in opening up their consoles for homebrew development, and not necessarily swashbuckling, it also enables the use of homebrew games and applications. (Seriously, don't be a pirate.)

At least, that's according to PSX-Scene and OzModchips.com, the latter of which posted a video of the technology in action (seen after the break). The technology's effectiveness hasn't been definitively proven and Sony has yet to provide comment. Perhaps that comment will come in the form of a new PS3 firmware update?

The OzModchips video appears to use a debug PS3 system, which has the capability to run unsigned code (including code from a USB drive) and load games from the hard drive without the use of any USB dongle. This doesn't mean that the claims of PSJailbreak's effectiveness are untrue, but it certainly calls them into question. Why use a debug system to prove functionality that already exists in a debug system?

Here's how it might have been done: debug PS3 systems have "BD emulators" that allow code from connected hard drives to run as Blu-ray disc games. You can see the relevant menu options in the below pictures.

PS3 Has Finally Been Hacked , Free To Play Any PS3 Games.

The Play Station 3 is the latest release when it comes to consoles from the Japanese giant Sony. For a long time it has been the topic of many forums and millions of people just wanted to play any games on it without having to pay for them. But lately on the online community forums there have been some news regarding the hack of the mighty console. A group of people from China claimed that they have managed to craft up a USB dongle that would utterly make possible the playing of pirated games on the PS3. You will also be able to play original games as well, but no one cares about that, many people just want to know that they have the freedom to play any game that they like without having to pay for it.

The USB dongle was featured along with the message "PS3 has finally been hacked" and when they say this, the users immediately rushed on the topic to see what the great news will tell them more. What the USB dongle comes with is some specialized software that was created by the hackers which will allow the users to have all of the games they play on their PS3 saved to their HDD. The only thing that the users have to do, is to get the USB stick and have it inserted into their PS3 consoles. Then they will have to boot it up.

Another thing that the hackers are stating is that their software will be able to also cope with Sony's firmware updates which are mandatory. These will also be blocked so that there will be nothing left for Sony to do in order to annihilate this "problem". Well, it is quoted for users find this to be a blessing.

So PS3 has finally been hacked and it is amazing the fact that there are already online shops that have this dongle up for sale. Lightake, an online shop that is based in Hong Kong already has them for sale and the price that one will have to pay for such a dongle is $35.99, which yes, it is very cheap, just think about the massive benefits that you will be in for while using the stick. There are also some discounts available so if you will buy it in more than one piece, you will benefit from a certain discount that is listed on the website.

So now as the PS3 has finally been hacked millions of users will never have to buy games any longer and have the freedom to play the pirated versions with no constraints.
Do not hesitate , PS3Break for $35.99 + free shipping @ http://www.lightake.com
Official PS3Break site : http://www.ps3break.com
Review for PS3Break : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1E-OUS9Y96I

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5 Steps to Distinguish Real Acekard 2i | Lightake

More and more stores are selling fake acekard 2i. Many customers are fooled if they are careless. It is very annoying. However, it happens every day, every minute and every second. Why? Because few people know how to distinguish real acekard 2i. Here I will sum up 5 steps for people who do not know how to tell a real acekard 2i from the clone ones. If you are preparing to buy an acekard 2i. Please pay close attention to the following words.

Step 1:
Please notice the banner of the chip which AK2i used. It is called "Actel".

Step 2:
There is no window in the shell anymore.

Step 3:
>AceKard2 and AceKard 2i both use the chip of "SST" and it's 48 pins. And all AceKard 2i use this "SST" 48 pins chip.

Step 4:
Test the flash cart with your AKAIO loaded micro sd to see if it is a real one or a clone before leaving the store.

Step 5:
Just launch the repack of akaio 1.4.1, if it says "unsupported device", then you must have got a clone one.

To sum up, there are 4 points you should pay close attention to when you are buying a Acekard 2i.
1. The chip on the back of the PCB is "Actel" or little black glue circle. This is very important.
2. The chip on another side of PCB is a 48 pins chip of "SST". Some batches of AK2 used other banners of 48 pins chips. But they're all 48 pins.
3. Please refer to the 2 items above as the main symbol of real AK2 and AK2i because the package of retail had changed many times.
4.Please take pictures of the "legit" Acekard 2i sticker as well and any included boxes or packaging.

Genuine Acekard 2i $12.99 + free shipping at http://www.lightake.com

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Whatis the Acekard ?

Anybody who's researched ds flash cards has come across numerous references to R4 and some of the more expensive ones like M3i, Supercard, and iEdge. Unfortunately, they might skip over a card that retains many of the features and stability of a more expensive card without the premium, the Acekard 2i. An important thing to note is that the Acekard team was the first team to develop a workaround for Nintendo's card blocking technology for the DSi v1.4u.

The Acekard 2i is the third card from the venerable Acekard team who have been making cards since 2006 for the Nintendo DS. Their first card the Acekard and Acekard+ made a strong showing and by the time of the release of the Acekard 2.1 had solidly placed themselves at the head of the industry for good products. There was a side project of a highly customizable Acekard R.P.G. which had some mild success, but by the time they hit their flagship product, the Acekard 2i, they had picked up a large following. While the Acekard name has had a few hiccups, they seem to take responsibility for any diificulties

GBAtemp, one of the largest Nintendo ds card communities, consistently recommends the Acekard 2i. That team has avoided a lot of the drama of other card brands for things like bad clones, stolen firmware workarounds, slow updates, and general manufacturer irresponsibility. This team works fast, and efficiently. Acekard users rarely have to wait long for patches and compatibility updates. There is an alternative loader for the Acekard called the AKAIO software. While it was not created by the Acekard team it has their full endorsement and improves loading speed as well as adds support for the EZFlash 3in1 slot-2 device for loading gameboy advanced game backups.

The Acekard 2i features many useful assets like the ability to flash the firmware (provided that the DSi console hasn't already been updated), Action Replay cheat codes, saving to the micro sd card, auto-patching for DLDI, multiple languages, four screen brightness settings, and reduced power consumption. For those who enjoy customizing their menus the Acekard 2i is also skinnable. The only major feature it seems to lack is Real Time Save but that typically requires a card with a higher cost.

Look for the Acekard 2i in reputable shops like www.lightake.com who offer worldwide free shipping and competitive price.

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